Packwoods x Joke's Up Special Edition 2 gram Preroll - One Eye Pizza



Product Details

One Eyed Pizza is a predominantly Indica strain. The reddish-brown hairs on its light green buds are instantly recognizable to the cannabis connoisseur. This is one of the most potent strains out there, and even experienced users tread carefully. It promises a long-lasting couchlock for those in need of it.

This strain is particularly tasty. It hints of citrus, with spicy, earthy undertones. Its pungent flavor may be too thick and heavy for novices, as it can cause coughing fits. However, this Indica is well worth it. These dank buds promise absolute relaxation. Rising from the couch may prove challenging. This is a heavy buzz, both physically and mentally, that guarantees a few hours of stress-free bliss.

Packwoods + Joke's Up collaboration features two of their most popular strains. Each Packwood has 2 Grams of premium Joke's Up flower infused with premium concentrate, hand rolled in an 100% Tobacco Free wrap, Dusted in Kief, with an Engineered Glass Filter.

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