General Policies

The Balloon Room Promise - Product Exchange Policy

Defective Products:
  • If you received a defective product, fill out our product exchange form or let us know within 24 hours of purchase and we will come right back out to exchange it at zero cost to you.

  • If we are notified of a defective product more than 24 hours after purchase, we’re still happy to exchange it, but ask that you place a new order.* **
  • All defective products must be replaced with same brand/type of product.

Non-Defective Products:
  • If you ordered the wrong thing or have decided you don’t want a product you ordered, no problem! Fill out our product exchange form or let us know within 24 hours of purchase and we will gladly exchange it upon your next order with us.* **

    * Product must be in new condition, no broken seals.

Vaporizers and Cartridges:
  • These tend to have more issues than other product types. Please test your vape products as soon as they arrive.

  • We ask that you try troubleshooting your vape product before requesting an exchange.

* Must meet order minimum after any credits and discounts are applied.
** All returns are subject to review.

Missed Delivery Policy:

  • Once your driver has notified you of their arrival, you have a 5 minute window to receive your delivery. - After your time window has lapsed, The Balloon Room reserves the right to move onto it's next delivery. Adhering to this policy keeps our average delivery time low. (You will receive an automated SMS 5-10 in advance of your driver arriving.)

  • In the event you miss your delivery, your order will be added to the end of the queue and you will be contacted to reschedule your delivery.

  • Please have your payment ready and your phone by your side after you've ordered so you don't miss us.

Ordering Terms and Conditions:
  • You must be a verified member of our collective before your order can be processed. The Balloon Room operates in strict compliance with all applicable CA state laws.

Proposition 65 Warning:
  • This store contains products known to the State of California Environmental Protection Agency to cause cancer and reproductive harm