Jeeter Juice Premium 1 Gram Liquid Diamonds Vape - Peach Ringz



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Peach Ringz Jeeter Juice Premium Liquid Diamonds Cartridge:  1000 mg | Indica | 97.05% THC (Per Cartridge)

Created through crossing the delicious Marionberry X Eddy OG strains. With this bud, the name says it all in the flavor department. Peach Ringz packs a super sweet and slightly sour peachy flavor into each and every toke. The aroma is very similar, although with a touch of spicy flowers to it, too. A resin favorite, Peach Ringz brings on a super relaxing high that’s ideal for a night when you want to get to sleep but need to kick back and chill before you do. You’ll feel a light cerebral lift coupled with a mild euphoria that boosts your spirits without affecting your energy level in the slightest. A relaxing body high accompanies this state, lulling you further and further into physical sedation before finally allowing you to drift away into a deep and peaceful sleep.


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  • Brand: Jeeter
  • Collection: Vape